I believe art is communication.  Every time I create an image on canvas, I am relaying part of myself to the viewer, exposing a fragment of inner dialogue to the outside world.  

When I was younger, I put as much enthusiasm in writing as I did into painting.  I wanted to tell a story with everything I made.  Over the years, I have discovered I am able to accomplish this with more range and beauty with a brush then I ever was able to with a pen.  

I work mostly with the figure, exploring colors and structure of living flesh.  The human body has been a constant in my work over the years, and I am still trying to catch the perfection of anatomy in motion on canvas.

Each person that I paint has a story to tell, from the pattern of their skin to the expression in their eyes.  I use each of these different elements of their persona to make up the bigger picture, and to communicate their being as a whole on the canvas.


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