A few pictures from my speech and debate experience at UCM (formerly CMSU).  I had a horrible case of stagefright as a youngster, and stubborn as I am, threw myself into speech and debate my last two years of high school.  I received a scholarship for it when I went to college, and went onto to serve my team from the regional level all the way up to debating parli in the United Kingdom.

Those little butterflies in your stomach when you're about to give a speech?  All worth it.


Left pic: Freshman year at CMSU, second tournament of the year at Pitt State (KS).  I am on the left with Lori H. (a seasoned "vet" of the uni debate scene).  Those were my lucky suspenders all first year.

Right pic: Here I am sandwiched between Cindy D. (our grad asst) and Lori H.  This is at Nationals.  Didn't win anything at the national level, but I was ecstatic enough that I actually qualified (a lowly freshman!) to be at the tournament.

Left pic: Sophomore year, I am on the left, my duo partner Jim S. is in the middle and Devon S. (another teammate) is on the right.  Sitting on some debate tubs between rounds, trying to look accomplished at Ball State Uni.

Right pic: Team pic from SBU in Bolivar my sophomore year.

Left pic: Team pic from Arkansas State, also my sophomore year.  The photographer really tried to get *everything* in, including one of our blessed 18 passenger vans.

Right pic: Another one of my many awesome duo partners, Kamila B., at Washburn.

Left pic: Team pic from Nationals, my sophomore year.  This is from the Interp side.  I am second from the right, cuddling with one of my duo partners (and roommate at the time), Jim S.  The guys second from the left (Chad S.) and fourth from the left (Ben S.) were also duo partners of mine that year, with moderate to awesome success.

Right pic: The whole team pic from Nationals.  I am to the direct right of the guy (Ryan S.) holding the big ass trophy we won.  Woohoo!

Left pic: Close up of me looking all nerdy and at home in our 18 passenger van.  Not sure what tournament, but this was during my junior year.

Right pic: Candid shot of me talking with Scott G. after we lost the title at State my junior year.  Scott G. was one of our grad assts. that year, and I believe I had been trying to console him.  Sneaky Jim, taking such a photo!

Left pic: Here I am at State, junior year, all goofy smiles even though we lost.  Blame it on my optimistic streak.

Right pic: With Vickie B. (former teammate) and Jim S. (graduated, now was a grad asst) in Jim's office in the Debate Quarters, junior year.  Both would be in my wedding later that year, Vickie as a bridesmaid and Jim as an usher.

Picture from the Lee's Summit, Mo, newspaper.  After our team's awesome showing at both PDA and NFA that year, we were honored by Missouri Governor at the time, Mel Carnahan.  I am the first one on the left.  Summer before my senior year.

Left pic: Here I am with my senior duo partner, Fred F.  I adore all of my duo and debate partners, but we really had the most fun.

Right pic: My senior year debate partner, Chad C. (not to be confused with Chad S. from sophomore year).  We would advance in all nine tournaments we attended that year, as well as participating in a parli showcase in the UK.  No one could have predicted we could have done so well, Chad and myself included.

Left pic: Team pic from Louisiana State Uni during the fall of my senior year.  Nice spread of trophies here.  Chad C. and I advanced to finals in parli debate.  I am third to the right on the bottom row, trying to look pensive.  It didn't work.

Right pic: Chad C. and I did so well senior year, we were able to go to the UK with two other teammates (Kutt and Mandy) and one of our coaches (Dr. R) on a parli debate showcase.  We ended up debating at Oxford, Cambridge, St. Andrews and Glasgow.  In this pic, Chad C. and I are standing out front of Buckingham Palace next to two "Bobbies".  This was during an off day when we could be tourists; we were over there for 2 weeks in total.

Left pic: Here Chad C. is in a phone booth (they actually look like that) while we were in London.  First week of our trip in the UK.

Right pic: Here is Chad C., Kutt, Mandy H., and I in the debate chambers at Cambridge, before the official debate commenced.  Winston Churchill debated and spoke in this same room many times back in the day (quite awesome).  Chad and I really did well here; if it had been an actual tournament instead of a showcase, I am positive we would have cleared first place.

Left pic: End of the year banquet, senior year.  Here I am with our head coach, Dr. R., and the president of CMSU (with whom I am shaking hands).

Right pic: My husband Erik and I, at the banquet.

Left pic: Here I am with Crystal (teammate) and my senior year duo partner Fred F. at the banquet. I tower over both by at least four inches, so I had to duck down for the photo.

Right pic: Nate K. (another wonderful teammate) and I at the banquet.

Our team picture from the banquet, my senior year.

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